Sony will sell two of its five business jets later this year as part of its ongoing company-wide restructuring, it said Tuesday.

Three of its corporate jets are based in the US, one in Europe and another in Japan. Sony plans to sell two of the US jets and then move the Japanese and European-based aircraft to the US to replace them, said Mami Imada, a spokeswoman for Sony in Tokyo. The latter aircraft are a year newer than those to be sold, she said.

The company will use commercial flights to transport its top executives who need to travel.

Sony embarked on a restructuring plan just over one year ago when Howard Stringer replaced Nobuyuki Idei as CEO of the company.

Sony’s most recent financial results were its strongest quarterly earnings in several years. At the same time, Sony revised its full-year forecast upwards. Stringer has been pushing the separate parts of the company to work more closely together, has closed factories, and has cut several product lines, including its plasma TV business, car audio products in Japan and its iconic Aibo entertainment robot.

Sony is due to report full year financial results on April 27.