Sony Computer Entertainment must pay Immersion $90.7 million for using the latter firm's touch feedback techniology - a patent infringement.

Sony was using controller's based on that patent in its games consoles. The court ordered a halt to US sales of infringing PlayStation-brand consoles and 47 software titles as part of the patent-infringement lawsuit but put that order on-hold pending an appeal.

The rulings are the results of a lawsuit filed in 2002 by Immersion against SCEI, Sony Computer Entertainment America and Microsoft.

In the suit Immersion alleged that the three defendants had infringed on its patents covering haptic - or touch - feedback. Microsoft licensed Immersion's technology in 2003 but Sony decided to fight on.

In the rulings, District Court Judge Claudia Wilken ordered SCEI and its US unit to pay $82 million for infringement of patents 6,424,333 and 6,275,213 and an interest payment of $8.7 million. The court denied a counter-claim from SCEI for a declaration of non-infringement, said the judgement.

The court also enjoined SCEI from manufacturing, using, selling and/or importing into the US infringing PlayStation consoles, Dualshock controllers and 47 games that infringed the patents.