Conflicting interests led Sony into a strategy that forced the company to miss out on gadget sales, a leading executive said last night.

In a rare moment of corporate candour, Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi - widely regarded as the 'father' of the PlayStation - broke his silence at the frustration to stress that the company is "correcting" its mistakes.

He told Associated Press that internally, Sony executives have been :"frustrated for years" because Sony management has been reluctant to launch cutting-edge products such as Apple's iPod because of resistance from the company's music and movie units. These units have been fearful of piracy and peer-to-peer technology.

Sony's seen the error and is changing its strategy, he explained, "we are growing up", he said, conceding that the company's original innovative streak had become "diluted".

Kutaragi is seen as likely to be a future CEO of Sony.