Sony's president Kunitake Ando opened the Cebit trade show yesterday evening with a speech that stressed wireless data services and the convergence of computing, telecommunications and the Internet.

"IT, communications and entertainment are all coming together," he said. "A world of connected devices is emerging with new applications and content that will delight consumers."

Sony, Nokia and Koninklijke Philips Electronics on Thursday morning will announce their joint development of a new wireless technology to further the steady advance of wireless computing, Ando said. He offered no details but devoted much of his speech to the rapid growth of wireless multimedia services.

"Our vision is to create a world where, regardless of the codec or operating system, users will be able to connect with anyone and enjoy content in a protected manner," he said.

Eight out of every ten mobile phones sold in Japan today are equipped with a digital camera, and customers use their phones to download songs, music videos and movie trailers, he said. Such devices, combined with the emerging 3G mobile data networks, provide a richer wireless experience that is like "the difference between listening to radio and watching colour television," he said.

This year's Cebit marks the real start of the broadband era, in which the experience of end users will be transformed through the delivery of digital services tailored to their personal tastes, he said.