Sony will announce its restructuring plan on September 22, Reuters reports.

Welsh-born Sony CEO Howard Stringer will reveal the new agenda, which previous comments from the company have suggested will include a reduction in its product line and a possible exit from badly performing sectors.

Sony's once-mighty electronics division has been a disappointment in the last few years. Stringer's plan is likely to focus on some critical poor performance areas, including televisions and more.

It's also possible that the Walkman inventor may share some of its plans to compete with Apple in the digital music sector.

Sony targets small in anti-iPod drive

The company has relatively modest plans in digital music. It will launch its new digital Walkman in the UK in November.

Business Week reports Sony aims to sell 4.5 million units of its new device worldwide in the first year - less than the number of iPods Apple sells in three months.

In 2004, Sony shipped about 850,000 Walkmans to retailers worldwide, that report claims.

"(Sony) is really in catch-up mode and will be for several years," analyst Paul O'Donovan of Gartner Dataquest, in London told Business Week.