The two sides in the battle for the future of DVD technology are unlikely to reach a compromise, according to Blu-ray backer Sony.

Sony's Ken Kutaragi has described the chances of rapprochement with its Blu-ray camp followers and Toshiba's HD DVD group as virtually zero, writes The Inquirer.

Kutaragi's pessimism comes just a month after he suggested that there is still a window of opportunity for a unified format. "The only hope is if we can reach an agreement in a week or two on a new format that is not that different from Blu-ray physically," Kutaragi said.

In April Sony Video Group general manager Yukinori Kawauchi said: "From the point of view to provide the best service to the consumer one format is better than two. We're open to discussions."

The other side of the DVD war has not given up on the idea of a unified format – yet. Toshiba president Tadashi Okamura recently predicted that producers of the next generation of optical discs would eventually use one format because the market will not allow two formats to co-exist.

Toshiba plans to launch HD DVD-based players by the end of 2005, and Sony plans to put a Blu-ray disc drive in its new PlayStation game console next year.