Sony has come up with a new initiative. It aims to be "".

The new slogan, "," will be used from Sony's first fiscal quarter next month. However, no additional marketing budget will support the new branding, according to Sony Europe president Chris Deering.

Deering told Reuters: "It's a global initiative and it will evolve. It's more than a slogan. Previous slogans were a call to action. This defines what we believe we are and what we want to be better at."

"Sony will be more resilient, tougher and more in touch with what's happening in the world. This (slogan) is more compelling, more relevant and more broadly reaching," he added.

He also claimed the company's consumer research had showed Sony was the only brand that could live up to a ambitious credo such as "like no other."

The slogan will replace the current "You make it a Sony" which has been used for two to three years. It also follows a management overhaul earlier this week that saw Welsh-born Sir Howard Stringer replace Nobuyuki Idei as chairman and chief executive of the company. He says he wants to make the brand "cool again". Stringer was knighted in 1999.

Deering said the slogan is expected to gain back market share in flat TVs and boost sales in Europe.