A court has dismissed seven of Sony's nine copyright trademark claims lawsuit against Connectix, the maker of Virtual Game Station (VGS).

Judge Charles Legge dismissed Sony's claims that VGS violated its copyrights yesterday in a San Francisco court. The remaining two claims, involving trade secret violations and unfair competition, will be reviewed within 90 days, according to MacWeek.

Victory follows a ruling in February when a court of appeals lifted a preliminary injunction barring the company from selling VGS, which is a PlayStation emulation package. The case was then passed to the lower court for yesterday's final decision.

The company's CEO Roy McDonald said: "Once again, the court has found that both copyright and trademark law favour broad consumer choice. We are confident that we will prevail on the remaining issues. We hope that this decisive outcome will allow both parties to quickly close this matter, and find ways to mutually benefit from our innovative cross-platform technology."

Sony and Connectix are waiting for the hearing on another lawsuit that Sony filed separately in February, this time claiming patent violations. A hearing on Connectix's motion to dismiss these claims will be held on May 19.