Sorenson Media has released Sorenson Squeeze for Macromedia Flash MX and QuickTime on Mac OS 9.2 and OS X.

Sorenson Squeeze is a software tool (video codec) that delivers better compression of video used in Flash and QuickTime projects.

Macromedia has already integrated Sorenson’s Spark video-codec into Flash MX. Sorenson Squeeze is a video-compression tool that makes use of Spark Pro. The product offers Flash MX developers enhanced video-compression capabilitiues for higher-quality video at smaller file-sizes. It also offers a selection of editing tools, including multiple filters.

“Macromedia Flash MX and Sorenson Squeeze with Spark Pro deliver precisely what our developer community has been asking for – Internet content and applications that can be experienced consistently across all leading platforms and devices,” said Eric Wittman, director of product management at Macromedia.

Low-bandwidth “Sorenson’s ability to store, manage, and deliver high-quality content at low data-rates enables Flash developers to create interactive applications they know will obtain the best user-experience online,” said Wittman.

Working with QuickTime, Squeeze compresses QuickTime files to a fraction of their original size, Sorenson claims. This lets QuickTime movies be streamed using less bandwidth.

Sorenson Squeeze for Flash MX (including Sorenson Spark Pro) and Sorenson Squeeze for QuickTime (including Sorenson Video 3 Professional) are available electronically later this week for Macintosh OS 9.2 and OS X. Boxed copies are expected to ship 30 days later. The products cost $299 each.