Creative Labs is about to launch its first Sound Blaster card for the Mac.

The company is completing work on Sound Blaster Live! for Mac and is assembling a software collection to support the product on its release, claims MacWeek.

The company is well known for providing soundcards for PCs. On its release, the Mac card is expected to feature a MIDI port, microphone-input socket, digital-sound out, speaker and headphone socket. The card will support two- and four-channel audio.

MIDI controls Sound Blaster will use the Macs own Sound Manager Control Panel, as well as industry-standard MIDI controls based on the Open Music System (OMS) standard. Creative will release a Mac OS X compatible version of the card following the release of Apple's next-generation operating system.

The board requires Mac OS 8.6, a Power Mac 7200 or later and 64MB RAM. A retail price has not yet been announced, but the company was taking pre-orders for the card at Macworld Expo, san Francisco, for $99.