PolyFractus has released SoundModelers 1.1, a collection of three VST plug-ins.

The collection includes LoopDelay, Reson and ReverModeller.

LoopDelay is a multi-tap (up to five) delay of up to five seconds, with a Loop function. Each delay is chained with two filters, and routed to an adjustable stereo output.

Combination Reson can combine up to five filters. For each stage, you can edit the delay, feedback and two filters.

ReverbModeler is a room-modelling plug-in. It uses six stages to create original reverb sounds.

The plug-ins are compatible with any VST host application. They have been tested with Cubase, LogicAudio, Spark and Peak.

A free demo of SoundModelers is available for download. Registration costs $20.