It appears the UK's South Yorkshire Police force beat the US New York Police Department (NYPD) to deliver the first police podcast - with a touch of brass.

Macworld recently reported that the NYPD had launched a podcast transmission of its latest information and interviews with officers.

But South Yorkshire's finest have a podcast with a baton - an interview with the local force's brass band leader, sergeant Simon Davies.

The band describes itself as having: "Convictions for fine brass music and arresting musical performances".

Police Web services developer Dave Newton said: "I was a bit shocked to read that NYPD were believed to be the first law enforcement agency to release a podcast, especially as we released ours a good while before they did.

In fact, he said: "We launched our first podcast on August 2, we have eight under our belt so far".

It's not all brass bands: these UK cop-casts offer interviews with experts and serving officers on topical subjects.

Recent subjects have included Football Banning Orders, students, and the Freedom of Information Act. This Friday the show will look at the Sex Offenders Register.

Newton is rueful that the NYPD stole Yorkshire's thunder, saying: "Maybe it's because we are in the UK and have been overlooked, but if you search for police in the podcasts on iTunes, we are right there at the top".