There's a new multiplayer Mac game in town – Yexi, the Interstellar Adventure.

A trial version of the space simulation is available now. The game is described as a “space-orientated real-time strategy simulator” made with Shockwave.

Game designer F Covett said: “We chose to develop this title using the Macromedia Shockwave Studio, which has served us as a very versatile tool for many years. The game is sprite-based and the graphics really look good on 1,024-x-768-pixel monitors. Above all, the action is thrilling.”

Players control space ships, explore the universe, engage in subterfuge and adventure, despatch away teams to explore new planets and launch salvos of space torpedos. In multiplayer mode, players can team up to decide the fate of the galaxy in six scenarios.

The title is available for download (at a reduced price, $14.99), and also in CD-ROM format ($29.99). It's a 15.5MB download.

It requires an iMac G3 333MHz, 64MB of RAM, Mac OS 8.6 and QuickTime 3. It's available for Mac OS 8.6-9.x and runs in only Classic mode on Mac OS X.