Spiderman for Mac OS X is shipping.

The £39 Mac version of the title has been in conversion for seven months, with head programmer Mark Krenek, of Westlake Interactive, guiding the project.

Based on the Marvel comic-book series by Stan Lee, the game features unlikely high-school hero Peter Parker. Bitten by a genetically muted spider, Parker acquires super-human powers of sense, agility and strength.

He embarks on a crusade to crush evil foes, including Green Goblin, Scorpion and Rhino.

Hugely anticipated anti-gravity racing game Wipeout 2097 is shipping for £30. Dubbed as a race and chase thriller, players must negotiate tight corners and initiate jumps while blasting rivals off the face of the earth.

Payback for Mac is set to ship in the next couple of months. Priced at £30, the game is inspired by violent driving-romp Grand Theft Auto. It features a game engine, which supports perspective-correct texture mapping, environment mapping, bump mapping, realistic shadows, alpha channelling, lens flares, explosions and shockwaves.

Aliens vs Predator II will be shipping in the summer. This sequel takes players to Planet LV1201, where three species fight for survival. As in the previous game, players can choose to play as an Alien, Predator, or Marine. Softline (01883 745 111) will be distributing these titles.