Apple's forgotten CEO, Michael Spindler, is the focus of an in-depth biographical piece this morning.

Available at Low End Mac, the report by Tom Hormby explores Spindler's fundamental strengths and weaknesses, achievements, and career progression at Apple during the 1980s and 1990s.

Spindler experienced a meteoric rise through the company. After just four years at Apple he had become its executive vice president and had built up Apple Europe to deliver 25 per cent of company revenues.

The report is peppered with insider knowledge: Spindler's difficulty with stress, his positive vision that healed rifts within the company, his damaging problems in exercising control, and his powerful work ethic.

Hormby's piece also explores the motivation behind the Sun's $25 per share offer to acquire the Cupertino company, an offer that was roundly rejected by the company's shareholders, as Apple stock stood at $31 per share at that point.

The report then mercilessly explores the situation that emerged around Spindler, which culminated in his dismissal in 1995 when it transpired that Apple had $1 billion of unsold stock.