A pair of products to extend Spotlight search on a Mac have debuted from different companies.

FoxTrot Personal Search for Mac from CTM Development extends Spotlight by delivering additional search possibilities, while also supporting all the file types translated by the Spotlight importer plug-ins (including metadata indexing).

This software is based on the FoxTrot search engine as used in PowerMail. It indexes file contents and metadata (for example, file name, author or title). Instead of merely showing which files contain your keywords, FoxTrot Personal Search highlights these terms in a preview of the document itself.

FoxTrot displays full PDFs, word processing documents and pictures; and plays found QuickTime movies, MP3 files and more. It costs €29 for a single-user licence.

Secondly, frovil heavy industries has announced Spotlaser 1.3, which offers a new interface for Spotlight search. The company claims Spotlaser delivers more accurate search results and is capable of accepting a broader range of search terms.

Spotlaser 1.3 is donationware and available now from the company's website.