Aladdin Systems has released Spring Cleaning 4.0, the first software uninstaller for Mac OS X.

The program offers 15 cleaning utilities to help users remove hard-drive and Internet clutter, in order to reclaim lost hard-disk space and boost performance.

Its features include QuickCompare – which shows the differences between similar files – and AccessMoniter, which locates files by last-access date.

Another feature is MailCleaner. This locates unwanted and duplicate attachments hidden by email programs – while CookieEditor selectively removes cookies from the hard drive.

The suite also removes orphaned aliases and damaged files, and a Restore function allows users to reverse actions and restore items to their previous location.

Aladdin product manager Pauline Shumake said: "With the rapid adoption of Mac OS X, and users' concerns over Internet piracy, our customers' needs were the driving force behind Spring Cleaning's redesign."

Spring Cleaning 4.0 costs £34 and will be "available shortly" from Softline (01883 745 111). Those who bought Spring Cleaning 3.5 after May 5 are eligible for a free upgrade. The update runs on any Mac OS between 8.1 and OS X.