The Square Group has acquired all the assets of 4-Sight.

Assets acquired include the company's stock, software, registration and tech-support servers. The Square Group will take on the technical support of 4-Sight products, offering a lifeline to that company's existing customers who would otherwise have been left stranded, as 4-Sight was scheduled to shut down September 12.

Speaking exclusively to Macworld UK, Square Group director Darren King said: "We have moved into the ISDN industry in its hour of need. The Square Group believes it will be able to sustain the company as part of its wide business offering to creative professionals.


"We can keep 4-Sight products running for customers," said King.

Square will offer existing 4-Sight customers three months free technical support, and is already hiring expert staff drawn from within the ISDN industry, including former Hermstedt tech-support guru, Chris Leat.

King added: "We will be talking to all our new 4-Sight customers in the coming months in order to work out what direction to take the company in that best suits them."

He also revealed plans to eschew 4-Sights' existing £1 per minute tech-support line in favour of an annual support charge, "which will be affordable," he said. He also explained that, as elements of 4-Sight's popular Transmission Manager product employed a registration server based at 4-Sight's headquarters, the closure of the company would have meant that that product ceased to function.

ISDN industry SOS

"We are moving into this business because, on one hand we are saving the day, while on the other we think it is good business sense, and will be an additional service we can offer as part of our portfolio of professional solutions," King explained.

The closure of 4-Sight would have left all its existing customers with no support at all, following the sale of 4-Sight's parent company, Wam!Net to Savvis Communications.

The ISDN industry has faced intense competition from Internet based broadband alternatives as such solutions are rolled out extensively worldwide.

At the same time, ISDN does offer secure point-to-point technologies for sharing data – essential to some companies, particularly within the graphics and product design industries.

In related news, Hermstedt today denied it had plans to completely abandon the UK market.