St. John's Ambulance has launched the UK's first regular First Aid podcast.

It's a weekly transmission which this week offers listeners professional advice on how to treat sunburn, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

"These podcasts are designed for people to revise their First Aid knowledge quickly and easily," explained Doctor Barbara Cleaver, medical adviser at St. John Ambulance. "Holidaymakers, fans heading to the World Cup, festival goers, and daytrippers will all be able to access easy-to-understand information to take with them wherever they go."

New transmissions will be released each Wednesday during the summer. Future shows will offer First Aid advice to help handle a number of ailments, including seizures, head injuries and heart attacks.

The show - iFIRSTAID - is presented by Dawn Upton, one of St. John Ambulance's leading First Aiders, and listeners can subscribe at the charity's website or the iTunes music store. Downloadable advice already available includes CPR, the recovery position, burns and bleeding.

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