Stanford University has arranged a new deal with Apple in which the institution has begun to distribute special educational resources globally through iTunes.

The University has begun to make podcasts and recordings of university lectures and other content through a section of Apple's store called "Stanford on iTunes".

This dedicated area is only accessible by typing the following URL into most browsers: This opens the special area of the iTunes service.

The University has made an initial 400 audio programs available now, with more promised in future. Some of the institution's course-based content is only visible to and available for students and faculty, though a wide selection is generally available for download.

Freely downloadable material includes: lectures, campus events, performances, book readings, music recorded by Stanford students and commentarty of Stanford football games.

The University has been working on the tool since last spring to distribute lectures, music and readings to students. The college has now managed to integrate its CourseWork software with iTunes, in order to restrict access to some content to registered students.

"Stanford has been fortunate to partner with Apple in a project that allows us to share the intellectual and cultural life of the university with our alumni," said Howard Wolf, vice president for alumni affairs and president of the Stanford Alumni Association.