FutureBasic 3 release 6 from Staz Software is shipping.

The release brings tools for programming in standard BASIC and Mac OS X. The application generates 68K, PowerPC and Carbon applications. However, the programming tools aren't Carbonized, they continue to operate in the Classic layer of Mac OS X. The environment is capable of delivering Carbonized applications, however.

Release 6 of FutureBasic 3 offers a fully featured Appearance runtime. This offers programmers at all levels of experience easy access to the Appearance Manager code, which is employed in PowerPC and Mac OS X operating systems. There's a host of additional enhancements of interest to developers.

The example files that ship with this release have been updated to run natively under Mac OS X. The company says: "Most of the unavoidable common issues that arise when porting old code to Carbon are treated here." The release also offers a number of new example files for Carbon applications.

An annual subscription to the application costs £136, including Technical support and access to online resources. Europe-specific distribution information is available from Pix and Mix.