Steinberg yesterday introduced Cubase SX at MusikMesse Expo in Frankfurt, Germany.

The virtual recording-studio app for pro musicians supports Mac OS X for the first time.

The application has been revamped. Features include a new user-interface, graphic automation of all parameters, real-time MIDI processing, a complete set of virtual instruments, a new "Nuendo-based" advanced audio engine, and 5:1 surround mixing.

Cubase’s sequencer technology made possible music styles such as techno, hip-hop, dance and drum-and-bass, as well as the unmissed new romantic genre. It's also widely used in the film and broadcast industries – movies featuring Cubase-developed audio include Gladiator and The Lion King.

Enhanced productivity Other features include Waldorf synthesizer technology, an SPL De-Esser (to remove sibilance), a collection of virtual effects processors, edit history, and a 24-bit/96KHz sampling rate. Harnessing the power of Mac OS X also means the application offers unlimited Undo/Redos for the first time.

The application is prepped to ship at the end of the second quarter of 2002, and will cost €799. UK pricing is not yet available. Upgrading from a previous version costs €299, though upgrading from Cubase VST/32 will cost €149.