Scientists are using Apple's titanium G4 PowerBooks to research life on Mars.

The research on Devon Island, Canada - which approximates Martian conditions - attempts to simulate what life might be like for humans on the Red planet.

A team of scientists carrying out the research are collecting images of Devon Island to compare to Martian landscapes. They use AirPort-enabled PowerBooks to communicate with one another.

Dr Pascal Lee, leader of the Haughton-Mars Project, says: “We’re trying to explore how humans will live and work on Mars. What will we have to do to communicate with Earth on a daily basis? What will we need to exchange between Mars and Earth? How much bandwidth should we have? "

He says PowerBooks are out of this world. "I have found that the Macintosh software for processing images and doing graphics design is absolutely first class. That’s the main reason I take my Mac - it’s proven to be robust," he said.