After the best-selling authorised biography comes the very unauthorised comic book rendition of the life of Apple founder and superstar CEO Steve Jobs.

'Steve Jobs Co-Founder of Apple' is a 32-page comic showing the life of the iconic tech business visionary from birth to the launch of the iPad, but does not include any scenes of his death.

The comic biography is meant to "examine all sides of the late Apple founder's complex personality and offer readers a unique insight into the Jobs' legendary drive to the top and his continuing fight to stay there," according to publisherBluewater Productions.

Steve Jobs comic cover

"Admire him or dislike him, Jobs' vision and business acumen revolutionized the world," said writer CW Cooke "Between he and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, you would be hard pressed to find someone with greater influence over how we communicate, interact and do business over the last 30 years."

Bluewater also announced its next comic biography will be of Jobs' fiercest rival Bill Gates. "Bill Gates: Co-Founder of Microsoft" is scheduled to hit shelves in March.

Early reviewers, however, have panned the comic for its dreadful drawings of Steve Jobs.

While the cover indeed looks like the Apple co-founder many of the other pictures are almost unidentifiable.

Steve Jobs comic bad drawing 1

This drawing appears to be showing Jobs showing off a portable device. Is it an iPod or iPhone? Maybe it's the Motorola ROKR. Could it be a later Newton MesagePad or Palm Pilot? Who knows..?

Oh, and maybe it isn't even Steve Jobs.

Let's take a look at the comic's depiction of Jobs and the Apple iPad.

Steve Jobs comic bad drawing 2

He looks younger and bulkier but still little like the real Steve Jobs. And I'm pretty sure he would not have approved of the icons on that iPad.

Now if you want a good laugh check out the cover of the upcoming Bill Gates comic.

Gates appears to (1) Not look like Bill Gates, and (2) be leaning on a microwave oven.

Thor Parker, of Midtown Comics in New York, told Sky News: "The artwork is pretty basic for a comic. You see a lot of iconic images that are related to Steve Jobs. You see comic renditions of his Forbes magazine cover, a lot of his keynote addresses."

'Steve Jobs Co-Founder of Apple' is available in print form in the US and in digital format release on the NOOK and Kindle.