Apple CEO Steve Jobs is to be the Stanford University 2005 Commencement speaker this year.

Stanford University president John Hennessy said: "The name Steve Jobs is synonymous with innovation and creativity over the past three decades. Steve has been a leader and visionary, a pioneer in the use of technology as a means to create a more engaging and humanistic world.

"The advisory committee identified Steve as someone who personified the spirit and creativity that have characterized Stanford since its founding. This was an inspired recommendation, and I thank them for their thoughtful work.”

Stanford senior class president Steve Myrick said: “We think that Jobs is uniquely qualified to speak to seniors about the future of technology, business and the creative arts. More importantly, throughout his career he has maintained an integrity that is a fine example for graduating seniors.”

Stanford's 114th Commencement will be held on June 12 as part of a two-day event for graduates, family and friends.

Jobs attended Portland Orecon's Reed College, but dropped out after one semester to pursue his Silicon Valley dream, ultimately co-launching Apple Computer.