Apple's senior vice president Jonathan Ive and company CEO Steve Jobs have both been named a leading Agenda Setter for 2005 by

Jobs holds second place on the list. "Apple and Jobs have continued to impress with the turnaround of the business," a short report writes.

A panelist said: "It's not just innovation, it's really long-lasting innovation. Something like the Mac, which could easily have disappeared long ago, has stayed there for years simply because of the quality of the product," according to the report.

Now at number 32, Ive has slipped a little in the ratings, he debuted in the Agenda Setter's charts at number 15 in 2004.

The report is positive overall on Apple's design guru, calling him: "Unquestionably the man who made the 'you can have any colour as long as it's white' mantra fashionable".

Ive won his Agenda Setters place for, "making technology easy to use for the average Joe and transforming gadgets from geek to chic".