Apple CEO Steve Jobs is the new Steven Spielberg, a report explains.

Through an unusual confluence of factors, not least the recent Pixar/Disney deal, Apple's success in digital music and his leadership of Apple (and shared invention of personal computing), Jobs is the "king of new entertainment".

The director of the Institute for the Future, Paul Saffo, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitutiion: "This guy comes down to a mix of three things: pragmatism, idealism and sheer drive."

"Entertainment, technology and communication are melding at an unprecedented rate. Everybody in the affected businesses is trying to figure out how to capitalise on the transformation," the report observes.

And Jobs has all the pieces to solve the puzzle, the report adds, with industry analysts fully expecting the visionary business leader will produce yet another "one more thing" to solve the emerging entertainment conundrum for consumers.

Author Justin Menkes describes Jobs as "skilled at questioning the underlying assumptions of any industry and using that insight to take advantage of ever-changing realities."

Another reality is that Apple's success in digital media means the company now holds the mind of the consumer market, leaving Microsoft in an increasingly marginalised constituency.

"The tables are turning" in Apple's favour, said 'Inside Digital Media' analyst Phil Leigh.