Apple's focus on multimedia is part of a winning hand for success and profitability, opines Azeem Azhar in this morning's Guardian.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is described as the "greatest magician" in the piece for his uncanny ability to pluck "huge rabbits" from "thin air". The thin air being Apple's 2 per cent market share.

The opinion piece describes the importance – and profitability – of that 2 per cent market share. "Selling higher-margin products to a smaller market can be a better business than selling low-margin products to a large market," Azhar says.

He notes that Apple's technology means Macs "essentially double up as a media hub", to the extent that developers can make money by creating digital media applications, far more easily and cheaper than before. This spurs developers to take an interest in the platform, he says.

Comparing the Mac to Windows, the report praises Apple's targeted and self-selecting audience as creating the opportunity for Apple, its developers and others to make money.

"Jobs has created a compelling case for more developers to invest in the Mac," he concludes.