After Steve Jobs' passing last month many technology-focused magazines have featured the Apple co-founder on their most recent covers. Here, Macworld takes a look at some of the best.

We'll start with our own cover. The image features the very first issue of Macworld, with a clean-shaven Jobs proudly displaying three Macintosh computers, lies over an iPad with a more recent picture of Jobs.

Our colleagues at Macworld in the US went for a slightly different concept, using only a recent picture of Jobs.

Down under, Macworld Australia used the same image of Jobs in a slightly different way.

In Germany, Macwelt didn't dedicate the entire cover to Jobs but used a commemorative flap.

US-based IDG title PC World didn't feature an image of Jobs, but did mention his name at the top.

Moving to non-IDG titles, Wired featured a bespectacled silouette of Jobs.

Only a few issues previously, Wired had featured Jobs on the cover to accompany the article '37 lessons you can learn from Steve Jobs'.

Time, as a weekly magazine, published its Steve Jobs issue a few weeks ago, featuring a young Jobs sitting cross-legged leaning on an early Macintosh computer.

Several other titles haven't yet published their Steve Jobs issue yet, so we'll be updating this article as and when they do.