Mac fans keen to see TV coverage of yesterday's iTunes announcement can catch video footage on the Internet of Apple CEO Steve Jobs taking on London.

The BBC is carrying a report from its NewsNight programme, broadcast last night. It can be seen here, and includes a celebrity-style incident where Jobs' minder is sent after the BBC reporter.

Also available is a video report from Euro News. That report includes an interview with Apple's Greg Joswiak and can be seen here.

Coverage of Apple's announcement that the iTunes Music Store would be available in the UK, France and Germany could also be seen on BBC 1, BBC News 24, CNN, Sky News, Channel 4 News, and CNBC.

Talking on the radio

BBC Radio One yesterday broadcast an interview with Alicia Keys, who took a break from her European tour to help Apple launch iTunes. Unfortunately for Apple, Keys told Radio One that she doesn't think iTunes can ever replace the fun of browsing for music in a shop.

"For me I love being able to go to a record store and check it out. You know, and look for the CD that I want and the one that you really can't find. Or even going to that section of the store you never go to and saying, 'Let me just pick one that looks interesting and try it,' or whatever. I definitely don't think this is an excuse to get stuck behind your computer and never leave your house ever again," she said.