The Times Online has published an in-depth report into Pixar’s relationship with Disney, including comments from Pixar and Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

"We're the most successful animation studio in the world," Jobs tells the Times. "If you look at the box-office total for our last four films and compare it with Disney or DreamWorks’ last four films, our sales are over double theirs. It’s a wonderful thing."

Pixar’s fifth movie Finding Nemo has become the biggest-selling animated movie taking $347 million at box office – so successful that each Pixar staff member received three months wages as a bonus.

The report confirms that Pixar's animators work on their computers in garden sheds that were shipped in as they did not like their cubicles. Staff have their own bar, a stage, swimming pool and get around the office on scooters.

Pixar is contracted to produce two more movies for Disney – The Incredibles in 2004 and Cars in 2005. Pixar reports have claimed the company to be shopping around for the best deal.

Jobs confirmed that Pixar has spoken with all Disney’s competitors: "We are loyal, but we want the best deal," he told The Times, promising that next year’s movie would be "fantastic."