Radialogic - a subsidiary of Prosoft Engineering - has announced that it has ceased selling Storage Master or CD Master.

These technologies have been acquired by another company, and will be built into their products. The legalities of the transaction prevent disclosure of this company.

Storage Master is a set of utilities designed to maximize the performance of the Apple Macintosh’s disk-drive sub-system.

It formats, partitions, and provides an array of utilities for fixed and removable media. CD Master burns CDs while using the PC for other tasks.

Radialogic will continue to provide email-based technical support for Storage Master and CD Master products until March 30, 2001.

Chaos stays same Two other Radialogic products for Macintosh, Chaos Master and NetWare, remain unchanged.

Chaos Master is a file-management utility that organizes the Macintosh hard drive through a combination of 14 disk and file-management utilities in one.

The software updates applications over the Internet with VersionTracker.com technology. Chaos Master costs $59.95.

NetWare Client 5.13 mounts Novell NetWare Volumes and select NetWare print queues from the Mac OS Chooser. NetWare Client for a single user costs $89.