Constellation 3D, the developer of storage media based on fluorescent multi-layer discs and cards, has announced it will deliver pre-industrial production prototype drives and media for final tests in January 2001.

The company hopes to enter full production of the Fluorescent Multilayer Disc and Card drives and media next summer.

The company also announced it would release pre production samples by March 2001.

Dr Eugene Levich, Constellation’s president and CEO, said: "Public and private demonstrations to potential industry partners of audio, and more recently video, Fluorescent Multilayer discs began last Autumn and have yielded significant business results."

During a meeting earlier this summer, Constellation revealed that, among other major players in the industry, Apple Computer has expressed an interest in the technology. The company has also enjoyed significant interest from film companies looking to use the technology to develop small, cheap, one-use video "tapes".