Constellation 3D (C3D), the company responsible for developing a new storage-standard, has secured a $6 million line of credit.

Eugene Levich, C3D’s CEO, said: "This $6 million added to the $5 million we received last week will help us meet our proposed delivery schedules. We are confident that we will be completing additional financing in the next 30 days."

Constellation 3D is developing high-capacity Fluorescent Multilayer storage disc technologies. These potentially offer much higher-storage capacities at a competitive price. The company revealed a joint-development deal with Ricoh last month. Under that deal, Ricoh has agreed to produce recordable drives and media incorporating C3D’s Fluorescent Multilayer disc and card data-storage technology.

The evolving storage-standard’s developers promise 100GB rewritable-storage media at 100Mbps data speed rates within a year. The storage media should cost about the same as CD-RWs. Constellation claims that future versions of the technology could contain several terabytes of data on a single rewritable-disc.