PlayStream, a streaming-media technology specialist, has announced PlayStream EasyLink.

EasyLink allows users to link from Web sites to major streaming-media formats using hyperlinks. It has been developed to remove the need to create a standard for the three major streaming-media formats: RealMedia, WindowsMedia, and QuickTime.

It offers customers an online account-management console that uploads and manages streaming-media assets. It permits customers to stream all three formats from a single account. It does not render streaming files into each of the three formats – the customer must still do this.

"Customers are now able to link to streaming-media files without learning the complex proprietary method required by multiple streaming-formats," says Blake Lindsay, director of professional services, one of the inventors of the technology. "With PlayStream EasyLink, all the customer needs to know is how to insert a simple hyperlink into their Web site or email."

"The three major formats, RealMedia, WindowsMedia and QuickTime all have a unique linking methodology," says James Mutton, chief technology officer for PlayStream and lead inventor of the technology. "For PlayStream, the average customer is interested in reaching a broad audience, which means streaming their media in multiple formats. EasyLink technology automatically translates simple hyperlinks into streaming-media links specific to each format."

More information can be found on the PlayStream Web site. Pricing is by arrangement.