Publisher MacSoft is shipping medieval-themed game Stronghold.

Players must protect their land from invasion; keep a population of Lords, Ladies, jesters, and livestock fed and content; and set about establishing a settlement and building a castle.

Engineers and tunnellers lead combat using catapults, siege towers, and battering rams. Other popular weaponry includes static siege-engines including mangonel, ballista, and trebuchets.

Under siege There are a number of combat and non-combat game modes including Free Build – where players build with no enemy to fight, goals to achieve, or any time limit.

The Siege Mission lets players choose to attack or defend pre-built historical castles, while the Combat Campaign allows players to fight their way through a 21-mission operation against four opponents – the Rat, the Snake, the Pig, and the Wolf.

Softline will be shipping Stronghold in the UK in June for £34.99, including VAT.