Macworld UK has acquired further information regarding the Apple-sponsored international online movie festival that may be announced next year.

The American Academy of Arts in association with Apple announced a new program for student filmmakers on November 7.

The "Red-Eye" competition works as follows: competing teams are given a short screenplay written by a Hollywood screenwriter; they must then cast, shoot, edit, score and deliver a finished movie of that script within 24 hours.

Project coordinators Ross Kallen and Dan Senstock came up with the idea, along with other Apple Distinguished Educators. Kallen said: "With the ongoing convergence of film and digital technology, and the ability of the Internet to enable students on a global level to participate simultaneously, we're able to push the envelope of digital arts education by extending both its reach and ultimate output.

"In one day, we'll be able to see how students can apply their media skills in a real-world test. They all get the same script that's been tailored for their budget and time constraints, and they're allowed to interpret it however they wish so long as they tell the same story. What's really great is that the ending has been left off, so it's possible that every movie will wind up totally different," he said.

The November 7 pilot scheme was intended to demonstrate the viability of an extended international event that's scheduled to begin in early 2004. The full-strength movie-making competition will feature four separate themed categories each year – narrative, documentary, experimental and 'public service announcement'. The initial pilot ran with selected student teams from schools across the US, the script for which (Rude Awake) was written by Michael Steven Gregory.

Apple has not responded to requests for comment.