Aladdin Systems has released StuffIt 7.0.3 for Mac.

The update offers "improved" access to tape archives (TAR) and introduces support for RAR 3.0. It also offers better compression, the company said.

StuffIt 7.0.3 also adds an improved Expert Mode dialogue for compression settings and fixes a number of bugs. The application has been optimized to provide tighter compression of a wide range of file types.

Aladdin product manager Matthew Covington said: "The release of StuffIt 7.0.3, with its support for browsing both compressed and uncompressed Tape Archives strengthens Aladdin's commitment to Mac OS X and its powerful Unix framework. The addition of RAR 3.0 support also provides a n even greater level of compatibility for users switching to the Mac from Windows.

Overall, Aladdin's current version of StuffIt offers better security (512-bit) than before, and claims 30 per cent better compression in comparison to previous versions. It also supports archive sizes over 2GB and long file name support. It also offers integration with Microsoft Word.

Registered owners of StuffIt Deluxe, StuffIt Lite, StuffIt Standard, DropStuff, DropTar or DropZip 7.0 or 7.0.1 can upgrade for free.

StuffIt Deluxe is also available from UK distributor SoftLine. It costs £75 (ex. VAT).