Aladdin Systems has released a trial version of StuffIt Standard Edition 7.0, the newest version of its compression solution.

StuffIt Standard Edition 7.0 (previously called StuffIt Lite) updates version 6.5.1 of StuffIt Lite, adding some extra features to the utility. It costs $49.99.

The release introduces a new file format – StuffIt X (.sitx), a secure compression solution designed to safeguard data in digital workflows. This provides 512-bit encryption, 30 per cent better compression, error correction and support for long file names, Aladdin claims. Archives built using .sitx can be significantly larger than the 2GB archive limit of previous versions of the utility. It can now archive Terabyte-sized files.

StuffIt Standard Edition, also part of the new StuffIt Deluxe 7.0, offers Mac users basic compression needs (including the new StuffIt X, StuffIt, Zip, and Tar archiving) and StuffIt Expander 7.0, Aladdin's decompression product for accessing attachments, downloads, and compressed or encoded files.

The product supports names up to 256 characters in length, and offers a new drag-&-drop interface.

Also available, StuffIt Deluxe 7.0 ($79.99) adds Microsoft Word integration, Magic Menus (for quick access to archives), one-click Stuff and Mail, Palm-file support and full support for browsing and editing Zip archives. More information on this product is available on Aladdin's Web site.

Registered owners of previous versions of StuffIt Lite, DropStuff or DropZip can upgrade to StuffIt Deluxe for $29.99, or StuffIt Standard Edition for $19.99. No UK prices are available yet.

A downloadable evaluation version of StuffIt Lite is available.