Extensis has slated the worldwide release of Suitcase 10 and Suitcase Server 10 for June 19.

Suitcase is a font-management system which groups and opens fonts only when needed – saving valuable system resources, Extensis claims.

Features new to the £79.95 Suitcase 10 include a control strip to activate or deactivate font sets, so there is no need to open the Suitcase application.

There is improved font conflict handling, so reported conflicts can be opened and dismissed with a single mouse click. A new dialog feature shows the information needed to decide whether fonts should be kept or made active. Suitcase commands are now available in contextual menus, and empty font suitcases can be created. There is also Multiple Master font support in this new version.

Used in conjunction with Suitcase 10, the £799 Suitcase Server adds additional functionality buy distributing fonts across a network.

Suitcase Server comes with five clients. Extensis announced that a Mac OS X version of Suitcase 10 will be made available later this year. The OS X version will be a free upgrade to registered users of Suitcase 10.