Extensis has released a free utility for Suitcase customers – Import ATM Deluxe Converter for Suitcase.

This utility lets registered users import all the font sets they have created in ATM Deluxe directly into Suitcase 10. It offers a time-saving route for users to upgrade to Suitcase from ATM Deluxe. It means users don't have to recreate all their font sets.

“Ever since the release of Suitcase 10.1 for Mac OS X, we have had an increasing demand to provide a way for ATM Deluxe users to easily migrate their fonts and sets to Suitcase,” said Michael Wong, Suitcase product manager. “This free utility provides the solution these users are looking for.”

Suitcase 10 is Extensis' font management application for OS X. The application is capable of managing fonts in both Mac OS X and Classic, using technology the company calls the Suitcase Bridge.

The Converter is available for free download from Extensis.

The ATM Deluxe Converter will support Macintosh Operating System 8.6-9.2.2 and Mac OS X (v 10.1 and higher) and requires a Power PC, 10 MB space and 32 MB RAM.