Extensis is shipping its new Suitcase Server and Suitcase 10.2 Client.

The font-management products offer additional auto-activation support for Mac OS X and better font management for workgroups.

Auto-activation lets users open any document in a supported application, and Suitcase will automatically activate inactive/unavailable fonts used in the document. This feature supports a wide brief of applications, including: GoLive, AppleWorks, BBEdit, CorelDraw, FileMaker Pro, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Microsoft Office, FreeHand and TextEdit. It also offers auto-activation plug-ins for InDesign, Illustrator and XPress 5. The updates also deliver AppleScript support in OS X.

The Suitcase Server runs on OS X Server, Windows NT, 2000 and XP Servers. Users connect to the servers from a Mac running Suitcase 10.2 over TCP/IP.

Suitcase Server offers support for users and groups, font licence tracking, secure font databases and improved administration tools.

Company CEO Craig Keudell said: "The release of these updates to the Suitcase product line are a clear demonstration of Extensis' commitment to providing users with the ultimate set of font management tools."

He added: "Our Suitcase Server has been dramatically updated based on user feedback in order to provide a solution to the problems surrounding font management for workgroups of all sizes."

The client software is available as a free upgrade for registered Suitcase 10 users.

Both products are available through the Extensis’ Web site. Suitcase 10 costs $99.95, while Suitcase Server costs $999.95.

The products are also available from sales channels. Suitcase Server costs £699.99, and ships with five free copies of Suitcase 10.2 Client. Suitcase 10.2 costs £69.95. All prices include VAT.