The iMac has received a rave review from a government computing publication.

Government Computing News describes the iMac as an "amazing piece of hardware".

Singled out for particular praise is the rotating monitor: "If you often collaborate with someone else or have multiple work areas, you can simply slide the LCD to where you want to use it. This impressive feature can’t be overrated. The monitor moves horizontally or vertically in such a smooth fashion that you can sit anywhere close by and adjust the monitor for optimal viewing."

The reviewer concludes: "The iMac would make a good system for training with its easily adjustable screen and multimedia prowess."

The magazine, which describes itself as a trusted source for technology news for an entire generation of government technology employees, awarded the iMac an A- for innovation and good performance.

The review notes that while the iMac might not be the right system for everyone in the office, its "slick design and multimedia prowess make the Apple iMac a strong competitor among all-in-one PCs".