Sun Microsystems has released a version of Sun Java Studio Creator for Mac OS X, it's available as a free upgrade.

A version for Solaris (x86) has also been released. The software is a component-based Java application development solution that supports drag-and-drop and is actively used in business software development. Developers searching for more information on Java development on Mac have a dedicated Web site.

It includes Sun Java System Application Server 8, Platform Edition, the Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.4.2 Software Development Kit (SDK)

Global mission

Sun Microsystems Java developer platform and strategy vice president, Jeff Jackson said: "Sun continues to aggressively broaden the market served by Java technology on multiple fronts, localizing our tools to meet the needs of developers in high-growth markets and expanding the range of platforms our products support.

"By making our products more accessible to developers around the world, on every major platform, we are supporting our commitment to make the Java language the most popular, developer-friendly technology on earth."

Java Studio Creator is available as part of the Sun Developer Network subscription program. This costs $99 per year. Subscribers receive a one-year subscription to Sun Developer Network Standard plus a perpetual license to Java Studio Creator, with free updates during the life of their subscription.