Sun made a filing to the US federal appeals court yesterday, laying out its objections to Microsoft's request for more time before including Sun's Java technology in Windows.

Sun presented the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond with a 25-page document citing reasons that Microsoft should ship Java technology with Windows as soon as possible.

Earlier this month, a lower court gave Microsoft 120 days from February 4 to begin including Java with Windows. Microsoft subsequently appealed that decision, asking for more time, which led to Sun's response.

In the appeal, Microsoft had claimed that Sun did not face any "imminent irreparable harm" if Microsoft did not include Java in Windows. Sun argued that the inclusion of Java with Windows is a time-sensitive issue and that further delays could be harmful to the company and its technology.

"The district court explicitly found that Sun is threatened with irreparable harm and that its requested relief is urgently needed now," Sun said.