Sun Microsystems is shipping a developer release of Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) and the Mobile Information Device (MID) profile for Palm OS.

J2ME allows devices like PDAs (personal digital assistants) and cell phones to run Java applications. Java is a high-level programming language designed to eliminate language features that cause common programming errors.

Apple has embraced the Java revolution with its Mac OS X, with Apple CEO, Steve Jobs saying that “Mac OS X will be the best Java platform on the planet – straight out of the box".

Java on handhelds means that PDAs will be able to communicate with servers. J2ME can distribute functionality between client and server and works on devices with limited memory and processing power.

MID runs on top of J2ME, allowing interactive services on mobile devices. MID is an open-source, standards-based protocol for any device.

Palm and Sun Microsystems have also agreed to work with other industry experts to define a programming interface-specification targeted for PDAs.

Sun Microsystems plans to make J2ME for Palm OS available for inclusion with developers' applications. Sun first announced the availability of Java technology for wireless devices in September.