Sunday Times technology writer David Hewson has cast his vote for Mac OS X 10.4 'Tiger'.

Rhetorically, Hewson begins his short Tiger review with a question: "Want to know how most of us will be using computers in a few years?"

His response is that Spotlight - Apple's built-in search tool - is the answer. It's a feature, "we will take for granted in future", he predicts. "Tiger knows pretty much what we are looking for before we ask the question".

Hewson likes the feature, and is aware that Microsoft is attempting to build something similar in Longhorn, but in order to excel the Redmond software maker has "a fight on its hands". Hewson "did his best" to "break" Spotlight, but could not.

The report quickly addresses some of the other 200 features in the new OS, concluding: "The Mac is on a modest roll, and for good reasons. It has none of Window's virus and security problems (though they may come one day) and the success of the iPod has persuaded a new generation to look at Apple".