Apple iTunes saw a more than 170-per cent jump in site traffic following the airing of its Super Bowl advert promoting the Pepsi iTunes giveaway on Sunday.

Rival Napster saw a 30 per cent increase in traffic following its advertisement.

Although iTunes turned in stronger growth than Napster for the full day, both sites saw visitor levels increase by almost 300 per cent above the 30-minute average immediately following their respective commercials.

This year, traffic at iTunes peaked just after the advertisement featuring the Pepsi-iTunes promotion, unlike last year when more visitors waited until halftime to explore the iTunes site. Last year Apple experienced a 593 per cent increase in visitors to its site following the advert.

comScore Networks released the analysis of the online impact of Super Bowl XXXIX. It found that for 28 per cent of those planning to watch the Super Bowl "watching the ads" would be their favourite aspect of the game, and 77 per cent of respondents expected to use the Internet on game day.

The top gaining advertiser this year was, which saw traffic to its site increase by almost 600 per cent on Super Bowl Sunday.