Apple experienced a 593 per cent increase in visitors to its site following the Pepsi iTunes giveaway advertisement screened during the Super-Bowl February 1.

The announcement proclaimed Pepsi's plans to give-away 100 million free songs to Mac and Windows users from the iTunes Music Store in a bottle cap promotion.

According to CNN, percentage increases are determined by taking the average of the four Sundays leading to the Super-Bowl and comparing that number with traffic on Super Bowl Sunday.

Apple's increased traffic was nothing compared to requests for information regarding the Janet Jackson incident. According to Lycos, on the day following the Super-Bowl, Jackson searches amounted to 80 times more searches than the usual number one celebrity search – she may even have become the most searched-for event in the history of the Internet.

Although the Pepsi/Apple ad has raised criticism for the controversial way it featured young file sharers that had been litigated against by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), it seems Jackson's unexpected revelation appealed more to mass market imagination.

In a strange twist, Apple's online traffic surge was beaten by the 1,868 per cent increase in traffic to erectile dysfunction drug Cialis Web site after that company's Super-Bowl ad.