CeBIT show stealer, the Super Shuffle, was no more than a publicity stunt, according to DV Forge's Jack Campbell.

Campbell told Engadget that he contacted LuxPro, the company behind the iPod shuffle clone that premiered at the CeBIT technology show, and learned that the company has no intention to create the Super Shuffle.

Instead LuxPro was using the publicity around the iPod shuffle to help it win new business.

The company is a contract manufacturer that sells circuitry that is put into enclosures designed by US or European resellers. The Super Shuffle was no more than a stunt that aimed to take advantage of the publicity surrounding the iPod shuffle, explained Cambell.

The publicity must have worked because in addition to DV Forge two other companies got in touch with LuxPro and they will be working with the company. Cambell's company will not be working with LuxPro however, writes Engadget.

Cambell writes: "This was not a prank, nor was it an act of blind stupidity. In my view, it was one of the most clever PR manoeuvres I have ever seen executed by a small company."